ANZAC DAY Dawn Services

imageWith a sky streaked with rose pink clouds I pulled my winter coat out of my car at 0600 prior to the Dawn Service to be held in the nearby and rapidly expanding town of Bannockburn.

The early morning start on April 25, 2013 (ANZAC DAY) had proven to be on the chilly side but far more comfortable to bear than the scorching summer we had just experienced.

imageA crowd of approximately three hundred gathered around the town’s memorial to all those who have served or fallen in the many theatres of war in which Australian men and women have served.

Ex serviceman who served in World War 2 veterans and veterans of more recent conflicts in which Australian soldiers participated were represented proudly wearing their decorations and service medals.


T-3As soon as the Bannockburn Dawn Service was completed we moved onto to the smaller community of Teesdale, about ten kilometres away, for a 0700 ANZAC Day service among a small planting of Cyprus pines which would nearly be as old as the event we were commemorating.

Once again all age groups were represented at this smaller, but no less respectful, gathering

Shel 4

Our final ANZAC DAY service was held at a smaller township of Shelford.

All age groups were represented with some of the teenagers electing to wrap themselves in beach towels. A somewhat unconventional, but no doubt effective manner of keeping warm.

Shel 2Even though Shelford is situated in a valley affording some spectacular views the sun, by now, had risen above the horizon and was playing its rays upon the the surrounding native foliages with dramatic results.

Shel 3

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