Twelve Apostles

Phot opp

The scenery along the Great Ocean Road can be breath taking and there are plenty of photo opportunities along the drive.



When I first visited this area there was a rough car parking area and only natural footpaths.

In recent years a modern car park and conveniences have been built on the inland side of the Great Ocean Road adjacent to the heliport.

Visitors have a five to ten minute walk, crossing under the Great Ocean Road, to reach the Twelve Apostles. In the 40 degree Celsius heat we experienced that day the walk seemed much longer……or is it that my legs are ageing? gor-18A

Once out of the underpass it is a short, easy walk on a boardwalk to the Apostle still joined to the mainland. From this vantage point many Twelve Apostles images have been taken by visitors from all over the world.


In the photo below you can see that there was a path right out to the end of this Apostle. I dare say that due to erosion, the narrow path and increasing numbers of visitors public safety has become paramount.


And if the fences do not deter you, the maybe the signs will.


This shot is the eastern view
(looking back towards Geelong).


While this shot is the more often used postcard photograph
(the western view)


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